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Brief Curriculum Vitae

2003: Ph.D. degree from Université Blaise Pascal (France) for my work on the development and optimization of phthalocyanines–based gas sensors especially devoted to the evaluation of oxidizing pollutant concentrations in urban atmosphere.

Since 2004: Associate Professor at the LASMEA (now Institut Pascal since January, 1st, 2012)
My scientific activities are now focused on:
  • the development of sensitive and selective gas sensing devices implementing organic and/or inorganic semiconductors as well as raw and functionalized nanocarbons
  • the elaboration of hybrid materials (molecular semiconductor/nanocarbons) as sensitive element of gas sensors for VOCs monitoring.

2008/2009:PATENT n°08 03006/FR
PATENT PCT/FR2009/000612.
Use of Carbon Nanomaterials as a Filtration Material Impervious to Ozone,
Depositors : CNRS / Université Blaise PASCAL–CLERMONT II

35 scientific papers published in International journals.
More than 45 communications in International conferences.

Areas of Research

Chemical gas sensors, selective chemical filters, physical and chemical characterizations, selective detection in gaseous environment, microsensors for air quality control

Research Keywords

Phthalocyanine, Nanocarbons, Organic Semiconductors, Gas Sensors, Chemical Filters, Selective Sensing Devices, Atmospheric Pollutants

Areas of Future Interest

BTX monitoring, VOCs detection, Hybrid Materials,Multi–transducers, Selective Monitoring

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