Lab.: School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Org.: Newcastle University
Country: United Kingdom
Tel. +44(0)1912226329 - Fax +44(0)1912226502

Brief Curriculum Vitae

My main research activities at Newcastle University are focused on the Transport and Air quality Modelling. Within the project MESSAGE I was responsible to organise the supporting activity and tests of the new environmental sensors (motes) developed to measure environmental and pollution levels. After MESSAGE I have been proactive in the dissemination, use and validation of these sensors that are now deployed in Newcastle, Gateshead, Leicester, Medway (CIF2), Liverpool, Great Manchester to implement and evaluate information gathered and design more effective Traffic Management Strategies.
Since 2009, with Prof. Bell, I’m involved in the development of the Newcastle University Integrated Database and Assessment Platform (NUIDAP) to collect and manage information coming from different monitoring systems distributed in the Regional Area of the North East (Traffic, pollution, weather, etc.) to enrich the knowledge and the interpretation of phenomena (pollution hotspots, congestion, etc.).

Areas of Research

Transport and air quality monitoring and modelling

Research Keywords

Simulation models, Pervasive sensors, traffic emissions, air quality, statistical analysis

Areas of Future Interest

Measurement of real–world emissions, nano–technologies and sensors, personal exposure.

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