Lab.: Applied Sensor Science & Microelectronics and Material Physics Laboratories
Org.: Linköping University & University of Oulu
Country: Sweden and Finland
Tel. +46 705 176788 - Fax +46 13 137568

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz is Professor in Applied Sensor Science at Linköping University (SE) and FiDiPro Professor at the University of Oulu (FI) (50% 2011–2015). She is the Head of the VINN Excellence centre FunMat at Linköping University and also Vice Chair for the COST Action EuNetAir TD 1105".
Her research involves SiC–FET high temperature gas sensors for harsh environment and gases like HC, NOx, CO, NH3, H2, SO2 and volatile organic compounds, transducers for biosensors, resonators, soot and graphene sensors, smart sensing and data evaluation and at Oulu University a portable nanoparticle detector and a method for electrical detection of toxic effect of particles on cells.
She is member of the board of SenSiC AB for commercialization of SiC–FET sensors. She is member of the steering committees of IMCS and Eurosensors.

Areas of Research

Gas sensors for harsh environment, silicon carbide field effect transistor gas sensors, sensors for indoor air quality, VOC sensors, smart gas sensors, data processing, graphene gas sensors, particle sensors, health status of cells exposed to particles

Research Keywords

SiC, FET, gas sensors, VOC, Air quality control (AQC), Indoor air quality, harsh environment, data processing, smart gas sensing, graphene sensors, particle sensors, cell studies, cell clinic

Areas of Future Interest

autonomous gas sensors, energy harvesting, wireless data transfer, smart sensing and data processing

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