Lab.: Laboratory for physical aquatic chemistry
Org.: Rudjer Boškovi? Institute, Department for Marine and Environmental Research
Country: Croatia
Tel. +385 14561105 - Fax +385 14680242

Brief Curriculum Vitae

The central theme of ICJ work is geochemistry off reduced sulphur species, RSS, especially as observed by electrochemical methods. Within this theme she conducted a remarkable variety of specific studies. She has
developed analytical methods for RSS, determined distributions RSS in natural waters, studied the effect of RSS on trace elements, on natural organic matter and investigated the effect of RSS on aquatic ecosystem.
RSS are very important in eutrophic coastal waters. The increase in coastal "dead zones" worldwide, owing to eutrophication makes ICJ work very important. In the last several years she has conducted several research studies on electrochemistry of metal–sulfide species including chalcogenide and metal bearing nanoparticles. Currently she is working on using electrochemical methods for air quality monitoring.

Areas of Research

water environmental chemistry; biogeochemical processes related to S and C cycling in water environment between different environmental compartments (water,air,sediment,biota)

Research Keywords

electrochemistry, chromatography, water environment, S and C speciation and distribution

Areas of Future Interest

development of analytical methods/senzors for water and air quality monitoring

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