Lab.: Laboratory for physical chemistry of aquatic systems
Org.: Ru?jer Boškovi? Institute
Country: Croatia
Tel. +385 1 4681 105 - Fax +385 1 4680 242

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Education: 2008 Ph.D in Oceanology. Working positions: 10/2014–09/2016 National institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 02/2001–to date Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia.
Project leader: "Chemical nature of size segregated water soluble organic aerosols and their nitro–aromatic constituents" 2014–2017. Associate member on more than 15 international and domestic projects.
Grants: STSM COST ES0801 project "Organic aerosol speciation: learning and implementation to the sea surface microlayer study". Full member of SCOR working group on Sea surface microlayer (2013 2016); Supervisor of 2 master theses. Lecturer of Physical Chemistry of the Sea and Seawater at Doctoral study of Oceanography, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
Author and co–author of 18 CC scientific papers. Participation at numerous international and domestic conferences and workshops.

Areas of Research

WSOC, HULIS, surfactants, nitroorganic, organosulphur compounds in urban aerosols; sources, interactions and transport processes of atmospheric OM; characterization of the sea surface microlayer and its role in sea spray formation; SOA formation

Research Keywords

aerosol OM, WSOC, surfactants, HULIS, nitoorganics, organosulphates, SOA formation, size segregated aerosols, electrochemistry, marine aerosols, sea surface microlayer

Areas of Future Interest

transport and deposition of air pollutants, natural versus anthropogenic organic contribution to aerosol formation, aerosol ageing processes

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