Lab.: Laboratory for physical chemistry of aquatic systems
Org.: Ru?jer Boškovi? Institute
Country: Croatia
Tel. +385 14560952 - Fax +385 14680084
Web http://

Brief Curriculum Vitae

I am a 1st year PhD student of Oceanology at Faculty of Science in Zagreb. My study is within the Laboratory for physical chemistry of aquatic systems (LFKVS), Division for marine and environmental research, Ru?er Boškovi? Institute in Zagreb. LFKVS has a very long tradition in the application of electrochemical techniques for the investigation and monitoring of biogeochemical processes of sulfur and carbon species in the aquatic systems and in the air. My research is focused on a multidisciplinary investigation of marine aerosols using electrochemical and state–of–the–art mass spectrometry and chromatographic techniques. During my studies at Faculty of Science, I spent one trimester as an Erasmus exchange student at Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK where I attended class and worked in analytical laboratory on a short research project regarding photodegradation of currently used pesticides. Shortly after I received my MSc degree in Chemistry, I started a 1 year internship at LFKVS.

Areas of Research

atmosferic chemistry

Research Keywords

aerosols, marine aerosols, organic carbon, surface active substances

Areas of Future Interest

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