Local Organizing Committee


This COST Action is concerted at European level, including non-COST area, and provides the necessary coordination for national research on AQC. The coordination of national research will be implemented by conferences, workshops, symposia, training courses, field campaigns, experiments, models development, STSMs, and dedicated website and newsletter. Cross-cutting activities will be organized in collaboration with other complementary programmes and organisations. Such meetings of COST Action will be organized in various COST countries at participating institutions by installed Local Organising Committee. This LOC will be delegated from MC to organise the Meeting and a Local Chair will report to MC on the organised event in a short summary. The LOC will be changed meeting-by-meeting depending on item and venue of workshop, outcomes of training courses.

Selection of best proposal to organize Workshop(s), Training School(s), Conference(s) and other scientific events for Action, if competitive proposals will be applied.

To select the best proposal by applicating local organizing committee from the COST Action for planned activities.

Deliverables (MoU):
Reports on selection activities to be approved by Action Management Committee.



Lab.: Microsensors & Bioelectronics Laboratory
Org.: University of Warwick
Country: United Kingdom
Tel. +44(0)2476 523695 - Fax +44(0)2476 418922
e-Mail j.w.gardner@warwick.ac.uk
Web http://www.warwick.ac.uk/go/mbl

Deputy Coordinator


Prof. Jacek Szuber



DANİşMAN Mehmet Fatih
Org.: Middle East Technical University, Department of Chemistry
Country: Turkey
Tel. +90 312 2107618 - Fax +90 312 2103200
e-Mail danisman@metu.edu.tr
Web http://curie.chem.metu.edu.tr/˜fatihdanisman/


IONICA Radu Adrian
Lab.: Gas Sensors
Org.: IPA SA –CIFATT Craiova
Country: Romania
Tel. +40 730760875 - Fax +40 251418882
e-Mail raduadrian20@yahoo.com
Web http://www.ipacv.ro


KWOKA Monika
Lab.: Institute of Electronics
Org.: Silesian University of Technology
Country: Poland
Tel. +48 322372057 - Fax +48 322372057
e-Mail monika.kwoka@polsl.pl
Web http://iele.polsl.pl/iele/zaklady/zmin/


Lab.: Radiaton and Environmental Protection Department
Org.: Vinča Insitute of Nuclear Sciences
Country: Serbia
Tel. +381 113408695 - Fax +381 116458
e-Mail mjovst@vinca.rs
Web http://www.vinca.rs


ÖZTÜRK Zafer Ziya
Lab.: Sensor Laboratory
Org.: Gebze Technical University
Country: Turkey
Tel. +90 262 6051306 - Fax +90 262 6051305
e-Mail zozturk@gyte.edu.tr
Web http://www.gtu.edu.tr

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