26-05-2014 - 26 – 30 May 2014: International Symposium of the COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir inside EMRS–2014, Spring Meeting

We are happy to inform you that the COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir has been approved the International Symposium on Advanced Functional Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Applications, that will take place in Lille (France) on 26 – 30 May 2014 as International Conference planned inside Action Roadmap. The Symposium Organizers are from Action: Michele Penza (ENEA, Italy), Anita Lloyd–Spetz (University of Linkoping, Sweden and Oulu University, Finland), Albert Romano–Rodriguez (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain), Yongxiang Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China), Meyya Meyyappan (NASA Ames Research Center, USA). This Symposium inside EMRS–2014, Spring Meeting 2014, is an extension and modernization of the Convention Centre planned for 2014 and 2015 in Strasbourg. Oral Sessions and Poster Sessions will be held inside the Action Symposium with European Speakers from Action and External International Experts including Early Stage Researchers. Moreover, the 4th Management Committee of the COST Action TD1105 will be held presumably on 30 May 2014 at EMRS–2014 meeting, Lille, France (to be confirmed). Please save these days in your agendas. More details will be available in the section Meetings and/or Workshops of these webpages, including the Preliminary Programme. Programme 1st Action Symposium at Lille (France) 26–30 May 2014. Link to EMRS–2014: http://www.emrs–


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