07-09-2014 - 7–10 September 2014: EuNetAir at EUROSENSORS–2014 Conference

COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir will manage a Core–Group Meeting with the restricted participation of the Action top–management at the EUROSENSORS 2014The 28th European Conference on Solid State Transducers, chaired by Prof. Giorgio Sberveglieri (University of Brescia and MC IT Member), to be held in Brescia (Italy), 7–10 September 2014. In this occasion, EuNetAir has been invited to organize a Session on Action networking activities by 6 Invited Talks from Action Leadership (Chair, Vice–Chair, WG–Leaders, MC Members and External Expert).
The Conference will be attended by at least 500 persons with experts in the field of the Sensors Applications. This is a very good opportunity to disseminate EuNetAir networking activities in a targeted audience at European top–class and international level.
Agenda of the Meeting Session can be found at MEETINGS section in these webpages (tbc).
Link to EUROSENSORS–2014 Conference:


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